Music for Birth

November 16, 2015

What music will you listen to during your birth?


When you’re a music therapist who works with expecting families, you hear a lot of funny stories about music and birth. Once people realize I’m talking about more than singing “Happy Birthday” to a newborn, they tell me all kinds of things they used for birth. Bob Marley to Rascal Flatts; Yani to Salt N Peppa; “Canon in D” to the “Tootsie Roll.” You name it, it’s probably been in the delivery room.


But, there is so much more to using music for birth than putting on a really long playlist of songs you like and hoping to be done with the birth before you run out of music. Music can help you prepare for the birth and can be a tool that supports the couple physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually during birth.


As a music therapist, I love being with couples as they prepare for and birth their babies. Music can help them stay calm, bring familiarity to a new situation, move or dance, pass the time, sleep, and so much more. I love helping clients have better births and even heal from past births. Some of my couples have reported my services even helped them grow closer to each other.


I am passionate about birth, but I am not alone. In St. Louis, there are so many services beyond the OBs, nurses, or midwives. Transcendence Chiropractic is one of our Preferred Partners. Their commitment to healthy, smooth, and safe birth through chiropractic care is one that resonates with the heart of what we do at St. Louis Birth Rhythms. They look at each person and each family holistically. They understand all parts of a person’s body, mind, and spirit work together.


I believe birth is profound and that it affects the mother, her partner, and the child for the rest of their lives. I believe that birth happens to the family as a unit-not just the birthing woman. Family deserves evidence-based care,  emotional support, education, compassion, and respect as they prepare for and experience this monumental event.

Maura graduated with her music therapy degree from Illinois State University in 2005. She is certified in the CAB program and working on certification for MTACB. She provides consult services and is an essential oil educator. She writes the blog posts for St. Louis Birth Rhythms.




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