Be In Harmony

Birthing from Within: Perinatal Course

Step 1: Neurological Function Testing

Life Flows -

Along the Nerve

Life flows along the nerve, from mother to baby, and baby to mother. In a constant state of harmony, their neurology becomes intertwined as baby grows from the mothers supply. Without neurological flow, the child and mother may become disharmonious which can lead to a less than optimal pregnancy and birth. 

Functional Imbalances of the Neurology during pregnancy may cause Pain, Developmental Delay, Pelvis Dysfunction, Failure to Progress, Stalled Labor, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and more. The cause of these problems can be more specifically located using our Infrared Spinal Thermography Scan which is 100% safe for use during pregnancy!

Step 2: Spinal Structure Exam

Life Protection - Around the Nerve

The womb provides protection to the child, much like the spine protects the neurology. The structure of the uterus is important to ensure optimal growth of the child and safe passage into this world. The pelvis of the mother protects the womb and sends life signals to the growing baby. 

Structural Imbalances during pregnancy may cause uterine constraint, breech position, lower back pain, difficult labor, inability to sleep, failure to progress, effacement, and more. The cause of this type of spinal injury can only be determined by a Chiropractor using an integration of specialized pregnancy physical exam, orthopedic, and thermal analysis. 

Step 3: Adjustment Done by Hand

Life Release-

Through the Nerve

Webster Technique is a world renown technique used painlessly and gently to correct neuro-musculo-skeletal imbalances of the pelvis. As physical and functional pressure is removed, via a light contact on the round ligament, the child will re-assume a natural position.

We utilize only painless, gentle, and specific chiropractic techniques to correct areas of constraint and tenstion. Once an adjustment is made, the doctor will perform an additional thermal scan to verify that life has been released from the nerve and is now harmonizing your pregnancy! 

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Step 4: Monitor and Adapt

Life Returns -

Within the Body

Our goal as your teacher and doctor is to create an environment that promotes healing and transcendence of sickness and disease for your  entire family! As your you and baby proceed through Chiropractic Care, in time, the Life within will begin to return and express at an extremely high level. If you are ready to discover the healing potential within...

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Success Stories

"I wouldn't go anywhere else, they're the best!"

Justin initially came into our office after excruciating torticollis neck pain after waking up one morning.The pain was so bad that he was unable to even walk or turn his head without triggering the pain!


Petra came to us with less severe neck and back pain, but was seeking out more of a preventative type of approach. Justin and Petra work are financial investors and are constantly meeting with clients, traveling, and growing their business.


Coming from a holistic and natural healthcare mindset, the both knew that they didn’t want to pursue drugs or surgery. Justin decided to search for a Chiropractor and found us along the way. After receiving Upper Cervical Chiropractic care with Dr. Josh Henk, both Justin and Petra were back to living life in just a few days and the couple have been continuing with wellness care ever since. Not to mention they have literally referred their entire family to us!

Justin and Petra Reinhold, CPR Investments

Excruciating Neck Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Josh came to our office after living with shoulder pain following a sports injury. For several years he has lived with neck, lower back, and shoulder pain which he feels have been getting progressively worse. On top of that he was tired, retaining more weight than he would like, and was rarely able to kayak and go biking.


He manages an HVAC crew and is constantly performing repetitive overhead work. After working for years building systems for hospitals and sport venues, Josh’s body had really taken on some stress. Finally, he decided to look for a Chiropractor.


He tried every possible remedy in the past but nothing was permanent. Since receiving Upper Cervical Chiropractic care with Dr. Josh, he has now been able to live a healthier life on all levels!

Josh Berger

"I feel like I’m a healthier person all around."

Plantar Fasciitis

Jennifer initially came into our office 3 ½ years ago with plantar fasciitis and foot pain after running in a marathon. She works full time and manages being a mom of two children active in soccer competitions, gymnastics, and volleyball. She has been running marathons for years without pain, but it finally caught up.


On top of the plantar fasciitis stopping her from running, she also lived with neck and elbow pain. All of this was interfering with her ability to live life and play with her children. Eventually, she decided to look for a Chiropractor that she could take herself and children to see. Since receiving care at with Dr. Iftikhar and Dr. Josh, her foot pain became a thing of the past and she can now live and run freely without pain.


We still see Jennifer and her family on a regular basis for wellness chiropractic care over the past 3 1/2 years!

Jennifer Sebolka

"They really care about the whole person."

Type II Diabetes

Marilyn came into our office with several health issues that she needed help with. She loves to travel, garden , and be active as much as she can through her pain and diagnosis of Type II Diabetes and Chronic Pain.


Slowly her life began to fade away as her energy, weight, and the pain began to weigh her done. Finally she had enough and came under care with Dr. Josh Henk. In just 4 short months, Marilyn was able to overcome all of her health conditions and no longer takes medications to manage her conditions. She even sent us this message after blood work.


I am so elated! You are the first I am telling of the good news! My A1C was 6.6 and Dr. Stanton has been pleased with me. That is 8.39 down to 6.6 in 4 months. It works Dr. Josh! Thank you so much!

Marilyn Tobin

"I would highly recommend, Dr. Josh."